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December 10, 2021

What Are Digital Dental X-Rays?

Digital mouth X-ray systems, commonly gum disease radiography, are essential in examining concealed dental anatomy, holes, aggressive or normal tumors, and aberrant skeletal densities. The market has grown significantly over the last decade due to the increased frequency of tooth illnesses reported globally and expanding greater perception about oral health. The method for obtaining a digital dental x-ray is quite identical to that of a standard x-ray.

The dentist of our technically talented dental staff will delicately place a sensor into your mouth, capturing a picture of your teeth or jaws. This digital sensor transmits data straight to a computer, allowing the pictures captured to be displayed in the treatment area in real-time. Similarly, pictures may be captured using a specialized scanner, or we can create a digital picture by combining a sensor and a detector. The precise procedure utilized is determined by the kind of x-ray required; call our office today for sophisticated digital dental X-rays.

How Often Will I Require Digital X-Rays?

Adults will require dental x-rays on a relatively rare basis, but children may require them more regularly. Your oral healthcare and related history will determine the periodicity of your dental x-rays. For instance, if we believe your risk of dental problems is higher, we may prescribe more regular digital x-rays, but we only take x-rays when necessary. You may also require x-rays at other times, including if you have a dental infection or another oral condition, like a teeth ache, that requires quick attention. If you are experiencing gum diseases, visit our offices for more examinations.

What Is the Purpose of Digital Dental X-Rays?

Our dentist can only examine the teeth above the gum tissue during a thorough dental checkup. Other regions of your mouth concealed from view comprise the tooth roots and the contact areas between the teeth. Digital x-rays reveal these concealed regions in amazing detail, which is critical for oral health. Cavities can form in the contact regions between the teeth, and a tooth might become damaged.

A digital x-ray displays the components inside the tooth, allowing any symptoms of infection to be recognized promptly. Furthermore, dental x-rays assist us in planning the most appropriate therapy. We can observe the development of the condition and the structural system of the tooth and dental roots using a digital x-ray. Such that medication is more efficient. To understand the relevance of Digital Dental X-rays, seek medical help, or call us immediately.

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