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October 25, 2021

Understanding the Main Benefits of Overdentures

When it comes to choosing a good replacement for missing teeth, an overdenture is practically one of the most effective and convenient options you can have. Although they generally need implants installed on your jaw, overdentures can bring you some benefits that you will ever find in modern dentistry.

Stable and Secure Fit

Overdentures are more stable and secure compare to traditional dentures. This is mainly due to the fact that they can firmly attach themselves to dental implants. In contrast, traditional dentures go in your mouth through forming a seal with your gums. Moreover, overdentures will not cause you the same problems that you usually get from traditional dentures.

More Comfortable Than Basic Dentures

Considering that overdentures usually have a secure fit through the use of dental implants instead of adhesive, they are more comfortable when it comes to eating and speaking. In truth, you will most likely find eating hard foods easier with overdentures. Additionally, this means you will have a more enjoyable time eating your favorite foods.

Cost Efficient

Of course, overdentures are also more cost-efficient compared to regular dentures. Regular dentures will more likely require regular repair. Moreover, overdentures could last for years if they treated with proper care. Traditional dentures, on the other hand, will commonly need a replacement over time.

Maintains Your Natural Appearance

Missing teeth can often push down your self-esteem to a low level especially when it comes to social gatherings and important events. Fortunately, much like regular dentures, overdentures can help you preserve the overall natural look of your smile. With the help of overdentures, you will no longer feel insecure during social gatherings.

Since overdentures require you to have dental implants, you will also benefit from osseointegration, a process that prevents your jawbones from deteriorating. Essentially, this process can help you preserve your facial structure. If you are deciding to get overdentures, make sure to contact our office to know if it is the ideal option for you.

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