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See how dental implants by Dr. Hogan have changed patients lives in just one day!

Teeth can be replaced in a day. Check out real patients’ experiences to see for yourself how dental implants can change a life.
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What happens during your implant consultation?

When you arrive for your implant consultation, a treatment coordinator will take a scan of your mouth and jaw area with a 3D cone beam scanner. The scanner captures information not possible with a 2D x-ray and produces more precise, crystal-clear images.

This is why our dental practice is among the best. Additionally, Dr. Hogan focuses his practice in dental implants. He will review your scan, among other things, and assess your needs and suggest a treatment plan just for you.

You’ll learn how much the procedure will cost without having to worry about any surprise fees, and if appropriate, discuss financing options with a member of our staff.
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Why are dental implants so good?


Look and perform just like natural teeth

Implants are permanently attached and secure. They are cared for just like natural teeth and enable you to eat whatever you like.


Protect your long-term dental health

Implants help preserve bone in the area of the missing teeth and protect your facial structure. They prevent movement and drifting of teeth which can disrupt your bite.


Preserve healthy neighboring teeth

Unlike other means of replacing missing teeth, Implants do not require healthy neighboring teeth to be drilled or removed.


Strong and long-lasting

Implants are a very durable and long lasting solution for missing teeth with a success rate of over 97%.

Learn more about your teeth-replacement options.

Traditional Dentures

A traditional denture is a prosthesis that serves as false teeth, helping to replace missing teeth. Traditional dentures can be partial or complete, pending your needs. Traditional dentures are removable, meaning you can take them out every night or at your leisure. We extract any missing or broken down teeth and provide the patient with a denture that looks and feels great. These are the most familiar type of denture for patients, and is great for those who are looking for an affordable solution.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Fixed-in dental implant supported dentures are not removable whatsoever, unlike traditional or snap-in dentures. These provide the closest fit to natural teeth of any denture on the market. With fixed-in dental implant supported dentures, patients need not worry about their denture ever slipping or ill-fitting — these are designed specifically to mimic real teeth and are not removable.

Single Dental Implant

Dental Implants are a valuable alternative to an uncomfortable prosthesis. The implants themselves are small appliances produced from titanium that serve a similar purpose to the roots of natural teeth. They are fused to the jawbone and support over dentures and dental bridges, helping them to perform like our natural teeth would. Once the implants are put in place, you’ll be able to replace anything from one tooth to a whole set with ease. Given the numerous benefits and aesthetic qualities Dental Implants offer, they have become the preferred method of tooth replacement today.

Full-Arch Implants

Most commonly known as the All-on-4 Dental Implants procedure. This is a type of dental implant that can be placed much faster than a traditional implant and is ideal for those suffering from complete tooth loss or low bone density. This is an immediate load solution, meaning after your initial consultation and examination, you can visit us for a second appointment, where your new set of teeth can be secured. This takes place in one day, rather than multiple appointments over the course of several months.
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