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February 26, 2021

Not All Dental Problems that Require Fixing Will Be Painful

People often associate a visit to see us with pain. However, you can visit us for treatments that are comfortable, convenient, and relatively quick. Any anxious thoughts or feelings will immediately fade once you set up a consultation and learn more about specific dental treatments and how we can accommodate your needs.

What Dental Procedures are Pain-free?

One of the dental procedures that does not cause much discomfort or concern is bonding. We do not necessarily have to use anesthesia unless your tooth repair is near a nerve or requires a filling. Therefore, you can undergo traditional treatment, such as a bonding procedure, without feeling much trauma or pain. Plus, there are ways we can make your dental treatments much less stressful. For example, we can make repairs by laser or with the use of laughing gas. Also, if we use composites while filling teeth, the process is less painful than traditional amalgam fillings. That is because composites are secured with an adhesive, making applying them easier and more comfortable for the patient.

When Pain-Free Procedures Are Used

To mitigate pain, lasers can be used for soft tissue surgeries, such as gum-related procedures. Therefore, we can use laser treatments in cases that involve the treatment of root canals, gum disease, gum inflammations, gum reshaping, nerve regeneration, or removing benign tumors. Hard tissue lasers can be used to prepare a tooth to fill a cavity, while soft tissue lasers can be used for procedures, such as gum surgeries. When a laser is used, there is less bleeding and chances for infection. As noted, to support a pain-free experience, we may also use laughing gas, administered through inhalation. Again, composites and porcelain fillings are less painful when compared to metal fillings. To place an amalgam filling, we need to drill deeper. However, filling the tooth in this way can also weaken it or leave it more prone to cracking.

With innovations in dentistry, we can make your dental experience less painful and anxiety ridden. Most procedures today can be done with minimal discomfort. Contact us now to learn more about our dental offerings.

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