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January 10, 2022

Is mouthwash always good for you?

Maintaining dental hygiene is usually an effective way to keep dental issues at bay. Brushing and flossing and teeth ensure that your remove food particles that remain after taking a meal. Flossing is important because you will be able to remove bacteria and food particles in areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. When you continue with your scheduled dental checkup visits, you will ensure that you maintain proper oral wellness.

One of the things that people always ask about is mouthwash. Many people do not know whether mouthwash is good for their dental. At our clinic, you will receive advice and tips on what is good for your oral health, and what you should avoid.

Mouthwash should not replace flossing or brushing of teeth

People make the mistake of thinking that they can substitute brushing and flossing with mouthwash. Even though mouthwash can improve your dental hygiene, it can never replace brushing or flossing. You can stay without mouthwash, but you cannot go for a prolonged period without brushing or flossing without compromising your dental health.

Do not use mouthwash immediately after brushing

Many mouthwash products have some level of alcohol content, and this can harm your enamel if you use it immediately after brushing. You can wait a few minutes after brushing before rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash product. This will allow the fluoride in the toothpaste to work on your teeth, strengthening them in the process.

Always go for your dental checkup

Ensure that you maintain regular dental visits. Our dentists can help you prevent and correct dental health problems that might be beginning to form. Our dentists are passionate about our patients, and will always seek to improve their oral health. Call us for an appointment or to consult with a professional.

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