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March 21, 2022

General Dentistry Tips For Tooth Pain

Young woman with toothache holding her lower jaw in pain

People often complain of tooth pain from decay, sensitivity, or trauma. Although the pain arises from various issues, the average person may not be likely to know the cause. A general dentist can help determine what causes it. Sometimes, it may not be possible to seek dental treatment for painful teeth right away. For that reason, you need to know how you can deal with pain the moment it occurs. Otherwise, be sure to get to our dental office as soon as possible.

Managing Tooth Pain

There are different ways you can manage tooth pain. Following these tips allows you to reduce the pain as you wait to visit a dentist.

Cold Compresses

A helpful tip that can control tooth pain is to use a cold compress. It can be an ice pack or some cooled washcloth. The cold helps ease any discomfort within the area of the tooth. It can also help numb it. When using a cold compress, ensure you do it for about 15 minutes to avoid freezing. Overdoing it can lead to ice burns.

Avoid Chewing on That Tooth

If you are experiencing a toothache, you are advised to refraining chewing with that tooth. The additional pressure you put on the tooth while chewing can worsen the pain. It can also potentially create other problems. It is a good idea that you use other teeth or consume softer items.

Rinse with Saltwater

You may want to use saltwater to rinse the mouth. Saltwater is a natural remedy for the oral cavity without triggering irritation. The saltwater can also kill bacteria that could be causing discomfort. Often, when there are bacteria, they can lead to an infection, which, in turn, causes pain. Although saltwater may not rid the teeth of pain completely, it can help minimize bacteria remnants that could be contributing to the discomfort.

Visit a Dentist

The tips above can help with toothaches, but the best thing is to get to our dental office for evaluation and examination. Having tooth pain always means there is a much bigger problem like an infection or decay. An infection needs immediate action. Visit us today if you have tooth pain.

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