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April 12, 2021

Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

One morning, while you are brushing your teeth, you see that they are not as white as they are supposed to be. The front teeth have yellow stains on them and the ones on the sides don't look good too.

The discoloration you see is a result of what you have been drinking. Your love for certain beverages is destroying your smile and if you don't give them up soon, we are afraid that your image will forever be affected by your teeth. At Full Implant Choice, our doctors believe you can easily get your smile back by practicing moderation.

What Causes the Stains

The chemical compounds known as chromogens give certain drink a strong color, which is what stains your teeth. Another compound is tannin with lasting effects. Combined with acids, your teeth become vulnerable to decay. A general rule of thumb is that anything that can stain your tongue of clothes, will also stain your teeth.

5 Teeth-Staining Drinks

  • Fruit Juices: Fruits, especially berries and grapes stain your teeth the worst. You have probably seen DIY videos of people tie dying their shirts by soaking them in crushed berries. So, imagine the havoc they can create on your teeth.
  • Coffee and Tea: Your morning beverage that makes you sane and happy is taking away your smile one stain at a time. Both these hot beverages contain high amount of tannins. Since most people drink two to three cups a day, the after effects are disastrous.
  • Cola: The dark color of cola combined with the acids, makes this liquid a definite no!
  • Curry: The yellow color of curry is all thanks to turmeric. Even a little sprinkle of it in your food can stain your teeth over time.
  • Tomato Sauces: After pizza, a cheesy lasagna is great comfort food that one could ask for. However, ones created with red sauce are a key offender.

A deep clean will go a long way in making your teeth white again. Get yours done at Full Implant Choice by our excellent dentists. To schedule an appointment, call at 757-464-3514.

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