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Dental Bridges vs Implants

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The Difference Between Bridges and Implants

At first, only dental bridges were available for people who have problems with missing teeth. Dental implants came much later. Both dental bridges and dental implants are dental prostheses, which are devices that are placed in the mouth. These devices make sure that the facial structure stays intact, as well as ensuring that the teeth around them are protected from receiving too much force. The gums are also kept safe by preventing direct contact with food, debris, or other particles. However, dental bridges of today have evolved and have more specialized functions compared to the earlier variations of them.

Dental Bridges

Bridges today are better suited to handle large gaps between the teeth. They are also able to work if you will need a crown or fillings in the future, or if the teeth surrounding the lost tooth also need fillings. This is due to how a dental bridge is made. Unlike implants, bridges are cemented to fill the space. You may need to have three crowns for the bare minimum since a good foundation is needed. The downside of having dental bridges is the maintenance. Since these dental bridges are artificially made, they require a different cleaning and maintenance routine. Due to the way dental bridges are made, especially the crowns, flossing and even brushing your teeth may take more time and focus.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are easier to maintain and are far more durable. This durability and ease stem from the fact that dental implants do not need crowns to work. Dental implants mean that you have artificial replacement teeth. The dental implants also look like natural teeth, which means that you do not have to be shy about smiling. Dental implants also last a very long time, especially when compared to bridges.

Generally speaking, bridges last around 10 years. While implants, with proper care, can last 25 years or more. Dental bridges will require you to spend additional time and effort maintaining your dental health and the bridge itself, while implants can be treated just like your natural teeth. Implants also have a similar texture, color, and hue as your natural teeth while a bridge may be very prominent, especially if the bridges are located at the front part of your mouth.

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