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July 12, 2021

Common Procedures We Can Do to Restore the Health of Your Teeth

Restoring the health of your teeth is one of our core principles. We choose to use dental procedures which repair or replace your teeth so that the function and appearance of your teeth are maximized.

Filling a Cavity Restores Your Teeth

A common procedure we use to restore your teeth is filling a cavity. When acids from bacteria invade your enamel and create a cavity, it is important to get the cavity filled with a composite to protect the soft pulp inside your tooth. If we find a cavity during your dental exam, it is important to have your cavity filled. Usually, this will only require one additional visit.

Root Canals Are Restorative For Your Teeth

A root canal may be required if a cavity burrows too deep into a tooth. If the soft pulp becomes infected, a root canal becomes necessary to restore the tooth. During a root canal, we will clean out all the soft pulp inside the tooth. We also clean out the root canal. Next, we rent out the infection fill the inside of the tooth with a composite material.

A Crown is a Common Restorative Dental Measure

A crown is also a common restorative dental measure. If you damage your tooth, it can be reinforced with a dental crown. Before we place a crown on your tooth, we file down your tooth and place the crown over the top of your existing tooth. The crown looks and functions just like your natural tooth while keeping your natural root intact.

Come See Us and We Can Discuss These Procedures

These common restorative dentistry procedures aim to preserve your teeth's appearance and maximize their function. Make an appointment with our friendly staff for your next dental visit, where we can discuss any restorative dentistry procedures.

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