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February 7, 2022

Cleaning Your Dentures

full removable dentures in a glass of water

If you wear dentures, it may be tempting to neglect cleaning them every now and again. You're not going to have cavities, right? Dentures and partials, on the other hand, become covered with a film-like dental plaque just by being in your mouth. That layer will harden if it is not removed daily. Stains from coffee, smoke, or food will adhere. The end outcome will be a lifeless grin. Furthermore, if you do not clean your dentures and bridges daily, hazardous germs will form on them. The bad breath is only the beginning. It is possible that you will acquire an infection in your gums, tongue, or mouth. If your gums are irritated, wearing dentures will be uncomfortable, and they may not fit properly.

Denture Cleaning Steps

Dentures and bridges are prone to breaking. If you drop them, place them on a soft surface. You might either fill the bathroom sink with water or drape a towel over the counter. Both solutions will aid in the prevention of stains and the reduction of microorganisms. After ingesting coffee, tea, red wine, and meals such as berries and tomato sauce, make sure to properly wash your hands. This will keep plaque and stains at bay. If they have any food particles or adhesive fragments on them, properly rinse them under warm running water. Dentures should not be placed in hot water as they may deform or lose their shape. Buff all interior and exterior surfaces. Parts of your teeth that fit over your gums and against the roof of your mouth fall under this category. Be careful not to groove this over time. Plastic dentures are made of a material that is strong, but not as hard as tooth enamel.

Remove Stubborn Stains

It is never a good idea to use bleach. Dentures, unlike real teeth, cannot be whitened. Bleach can cause dentures to deteriorate and pink plastic pieces to discolor. Use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your dentures. These gadgets remove deposits by dangling dentures in a pool of cleaner and creating waves. When shopping, seek the ADA seal to assure safety and efficacy. However, rinse and brush as normal! Make an appointment with your dentist on a regular basis. Cleaning and polishing your automobile will remove stubborn plaque and set stains that brushing, and soaking would not remove.

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