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June 21, 2021

Brushing Right After Eating Can Damage Your Teeth

We all want healthy teeth, and brushing is a huge part of making that a reality. Good brushing habits are not just about how you brush but also when you brush them. Have you ever asked yourself when the right time to brush is? Some people prefer brushing their teeth right after eating. While this habit might have some merits, it can damage your teeth. Read on to understand whether you should brush your teeth after or before meals.

Should You Brush Right After Eating?

It is not advisable to brush your teeth right after eating. This habit can damage your teeth in several ways. When you have consumed foods containing citric acids like lemons, grapefruits, or oranges, brushing immediately after eating them will damage your teeth. This is because acidic foods weaken your tooth enamel and brushing right after eating them can remove the enamel. We advise that if you have to brush after eating, wait at least an hour. This is important because it gives your saliva a chance to wash away food particles naturally, returning the mouth to its normal pH level. We also recommend that you chew sugarless gum or drink water during the one-hour wait.

Should You Wait Until Before Bed to Brush?

You should brush just before taking your night-time sleep. It is important to ensure that you remove any food debris. Sleeping without brushing allows plaque to build up, which attacks the tooth enamel, causing staining and cavity formation. This also irritates the gums and hardens the gumline. Therefore, whether you want to brush your teeth right before bedtime or an hour after eating, it is crucial to brush effectively at the gum line to eliminate all food particles. Do you have questions about how and when to brush? Visit our offices for advice and guidance.

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